Eri Kumagai

Eri Kumagai

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Eri Kumagai (2015)

Kanji熊谷 絵里

RomajiKumagai Eri
General Information
BirthdaySeptember 3rd
Star SignVirgo
Idol Information
Image Color     (Dark) Blue
Voice ActorAsami Seto
Eri Kumagai (熊谷 絵里 Kumagai Eri?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo. She is a member of Ongaku Shoujo (Music Girls), and a member of the idol group, H☆E☆S.

Eri was the main character in the Ongaku Shoujo 2015 movie.

Character Description Edit

A senior idol and another member of the unit H☆E☆S along with Haru and Sarasa. Eri plays the straight man in the pair’s comedy duo, and she is candid, calm, and precise. Eri also composes the music for Ongaku Shoujo.

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Trivia Edit

  • In Episode 3, it is shown and stated that Eri writes/makes the songs for Ongaku Shoujo

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