Haru Chitose

Haru Chitose

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Haru Chitose (2015)


RomajiChitose Haru
General Information
BirthdayMarch 28th
Star SignAries
Idol Information
Image Color     Red
Voice ActorManami Numakura
Haru Chitose (千歳 ハル Chitose Haru?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo. She is a member in Ongaku Shoujo (Music Girls), and is also a member of the idol unit, H☆E☆S.

Haru is a main character of the 2015 movie.

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A senior idol and a member of the unit H☆E☆S. Haru is spoiled, greedy, loves Eri, and is a bit of a dummy when it comes to her dynamic with Eri.

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