Shupe Gushiken

Shupe Gushiken

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RomajiGushiken Shūpu
General Information
BirthdayAugust 22th
Star SignLeo
Idol Information
Image Color     Brown
Voice ActorMiyuri Shimabukuro
Shupe Gushiken (具志堅シュープ Gushiken Shūpu?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo.

Character Description Edit

Ever since seeing a girl with a plain look like herself turn into a stunning idol on TV, Shupe was deeply moved and has pursued becoming an idol. Her mother is a makeup artist, as well, which led to her deep love for makeup including both putting it on herself and putting it on others. She looks like an entirely different person after putting it on. She has a slightly abrasive personality and comes from Okinawa

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Hiyo Yukino Edit

In some episodes, Shupe is shown to be brushing Hiyo's hair

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