"Don't take idols so lightly!" ― Uori, in Episode 1 and Episode 2

Uori Mukae (迎羽織 Mukae Uori?) is a character in Ongaku Shoujo. She is a member and leader of the idol group, Ongaku Shoujo (Music Girls).

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Kiri’s younger sister. Uori puts an endless amount of effort into her work and is the center of the group. Outside of her idol talent, she is also quite a great chef. She’s quick to say what’s on her mind and can be quite confrontational with Hanako as the the two cannot seem to get on the same page. She loves her older sister a great deal.

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Kiri Mukae - Kiri is Uori's older sister. Uori and Kiri are always shown to be together.

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